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Pearson partners with TechMeetups to support the London Startup community

TechMeetups announces its partnership with Pearson to help its London Tech Community – The London Silicon Roundabout group. “Our partnership with Pearson  is a testament to the value proposition we bring to Innovative and open ended Enterprises that see the importance of opening up content, engaging with startups, tapping into innovation and building an ecosystem […]

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Paymill partners with TechMeetups to help Startups monetize their online solutions

TechMeetups announces its partnership with Paymill to help startups & early stage companies in 5 of its Tech Communities – London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam & Barcelona.  This will be further extended to 10 tech communities later this year. Paymill offers an innovative payment solution which enables online businesses and services to accept payments on their […]


Accelerate Your Success by Accelerating Your Cloud! at Google Campus

At our Accelerating Cloud and Web Applications event, our attendees learned the benefits of using content delivery networks to increase the quality of their web experience, and also increase the success of their business. Within the walls of Google Campus, attendees were able to listen to three great presentations about the cloud and CDN. After […]


Lateness, Bad Hygiene, Gossiping … These are the Awkward Topics to Discuss with an Employee. Learn How to Have These Conversations Gracefully

No one wants to have a difficult conversation with an employee, it’s embarrassing, you might get a curve ball that you’re not expecting and worst of all, in your small team they sit next to you and you have to look at them all day once you’ve done it. It doesn’t matter if it something […]


SoundCloud, OrderBird, 6Wunderkinder & Paymill sharing success stories with the TechMeetups Berlin Community

TechMeetups Berlin presents ‘Crossing the Chasm’ @BetaHaus Berlin, 20th Feb 2013 RSVP Dream about hitting stars with your startup? TechMeetups Berlin is bringing you startups who did it! All startups face the same technology adoption lifecycle of :  innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards. In the lifecycle lies the perilous ‘Chasm’ which […]

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We are proud to present @Yammer @TechStartupJobs Fair London 2013

Techmeetups is at it again. Our sister company TechStartupJobs is hosting another London Job Fair! We know that this event will be just as successful, if not more, than the last. At our previous TechStartupJobs Fair, employers and those seeking employment walked away very happy. We guarantee the same satisfaction for this event, too! For […]

HR Insight

I Fought the Law and the Law Won: Don’t Let the Law Beat You, New Legal Policies for Employees.

Each month HR Insight produces a 15 Minute podcast to provide up-to-date advice on current employment issues. This month discusses the law changes coming into force this year, such as changes to tribunal fees, reduction in redundancy consultation periods and payroll changes. Especially this month, and very relevant to Tech organisations of all sizes we hear from […]


99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall…and 5 Presentations Make for a Great Drinks and Demo Evening

Last week, we had a very successful Drinks and Demo night at Techspace London! Cheers to Ifyouwanna, Ginicam, Spottinstyle, Time², Someday I Want, and Challenger Sudoku for presenting their startups. You can find out more about them here. There was a very positive turnout in attendees. In fact, there was so much demand that we […]


NYC companies presented great job opportunities at TechStartupJob Fair NYC 2012

Our first ever NYC #TechStartupJobs Fair was a wonderful event with 10 companies taking the stage to present opportunities to work for them and numerous other employers attending too. We had 237 jobseekers of various backgrounds that included analysts, business developers, C-Levels, software engineers, account managers, students and a chocolate maker! We’d like to thank […]

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