Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 18th July 2019

Weekly Newsletter 18th July 2019

Hello,   Something viral this week is the Face App on iOS devices, raising again questions about the access to our Gallery library and indeed to our private life.  The app was developed by a Russian team 2 years ago and today is generating more concerns about Cybersecurity and privacy on our devices.   Read […]


Travel smarter and safer in 2020 with 57 of the best brilliant travel accessories. Everything from the best adapters, earplugs, space-savers, safety to tech gadgets. 1. This Ergonomic Travel Pillow The smart design of this washable pillow prevents your head from falling forward as you sleep. Suitable for adults and children and perfect to use on [...] Berlin Tech Job Fair Autumn 2019

How Riqwan Scored His New Tech Job with has a great service for tech professionals and companies to benefit from. The online platform provides the easiest way for companies to build a great tech team and for tech professionals to find their next job! We are honoured to announce that they will visit the Berlin tech Job Fair taking place on 7th […] Munich Tech Job Fair Autumn 2019

Simplify Your Job Search With provides a great free resource for all tech professionals who are looking for a new job in the tech industry. They will be coming to our Munich Tech Fair held on Thursday 24th of October, 2019! It is a great chance to meet experts from who can help you develop the next step […]

finleap Berlin Tech Job Fair 2019

Land Your Dream Job at finleap

finleap is known as the biggest financial technology (fintech) ecosystem in Europe, which is determined to reshape the future of finance. Over the span of five years, finleap has effectively created  16 fintech companies. We are happy to announce that finleap will be a part of our Berlin Tech Job Fair 2019. Make sure to […]