Wireless Headphones for an Unforgettable Christmas

Wireless Headphones for an Unforgettable Christmas

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells… Christmas is coming! And who can imagine the Holidays without music? Let’s agree, music is always better when we hear it through high-quality headphones. Here, on TECHmeetups Shop we have a collection of some amazing Wireless Headphones for Christmas: Carols Never Sounded So Good? 1. Here is a pair of compact […]


TechMeetups Newsletter December 14th 2018

Hello there, We want to believe that there are people out there who look after our privacy and security in the web. Like the US Congress is supposed to do for the American citizens. But it would turn out that not even them are qualified to do so. And while the recently questioned Google CEO […]


Technology for Your Safety

There was a time when having a car was a luxury. Hardly you could see cars driving by, not speaking about hard traffic. However, it’s not the case now. Even in small towns, traffic can be a real nightmare and driving keeps getting harder. That’s why we at TECHmeetups Shop have created a list of […]


12 Hacks to Get Noticed by Potential Employers and Land Interviews

Getting noticed by recruiters isn’t an easy task. Some of the experienced job seekers already found their working pattern – but what about you? If you’re still looking for more tips, one of our exhibitors, Talentese, shares their expertise on the matter. Talentese joins us for Berlin and Munich Tech Job Fairs in 2019! Book […]


TechMeetups Newsletter December 6th 2018

Hello! Google is likely the most popular search engine in the world. It might in fact be just that, but it’s followed by the competition. Search engines suchs as Bing and Yahoo still have millions of users. And these millions of users you might miss out on if you don’t advertise there. Here are several […]