Top 10 Tech Startups in Zurich

Tech Startup in Zurich

Top 10 Tech Startups in Zurich

Zurich, often recognized as a leading global financial hub, is rapidly growing into a vibrant center for technological innovation, including #DeepLearning, #VR (Virtual Reality), #AR (Augmented Reality), and #InternetOfThings (IoT). Thanks to its thriving economy, high standard of living, and a strong penchant for #InformationTechnology, Zurich has become an attractive destination for tech startups that focus on areas like #FullStackDevelopment and #WebDevelopment.

Over the past few years, Zurich’s tech scene has seen remarkable growth, both in the number of technologically advanced startups, as well as in the diversity of their focus areas. This includes startups employing cutting-edge technologies, #Programmers innovating in the realms of AI, VR, and IoT, and businesses that are reinventing the #WebDevelopment approach.

A multitude of these startups specialize as contributors to the #InternetOfThings, offering solutions that aim to improve and streamline our everyday lives. Others are delving into the immersive world of #VR and #AR, producing thrilling and engaging virtual experiences. #DeepLearning also plays a remarkably central role in numerous Zurich-based startups, driving the development of solutions that learn, adapt, and thereby continually improve.

Zurich’s tech scene continues to exhibit brilliant potential for growth, with its consistent development of trailblazing and enterprising ideas, which span across numerous aspects of technology like #FullStackDevelopment. With this array of startups and their innovative spirit, Zurich undeniably harbors a tech scene that everyone should closely watch out for.

In-depth Overview of Top 12 Newly Founded Tech Startups in Zurich:

1. Beekeeper:


This company provides a mobile-first communication platform designed for individuals who aren’t working behind desks. They aim to connect every single employee through an easy-to-use and secure platform where they can get updates from the company, communicate with their peers, and access documents and workflows.


2. Scandit:


They offer a scanning platform that uses computer vision and machine learning to combine barcode scanning, text recognition (OCR), object recognition, and augmented reality into an intuitive and flexible software platform.


3. Advanon:


This platform offers an easy way for small and medium businesses to access short-term financing by auctioning their open invoices to financial investors. It can be a solution for bridging cash flow gaps.


4. Ava:


Ava provides a wearable device to monitor a woman’s menstrual cycle and fertility window. It offers real-time, personalized data to help women identify fertile days and increase their chances of getting pregnant.


5. Versantis:


Versantis has developed a pharmaceutical platform, Versantis Liver Therapy (VLT), to treat different kinds of liver illnesses. Their therapies are designed to enhance the liver’s potential to treat diseases, protect the organ from further damage, and regenerate cells to improve liver function.


6. On:


On is a footwear brand known for its innovative CloudTec cushioning technology. These shoes provide a cushioned landing and barefoot take-off experience, ensuring comfort and support when running.


7. DeepCode:


DeepCode offers a platform for AI-powered code review. It helps developers verify their code against a set of rules, identify problematic patterns, and suggest fixes before they become problems in production.


8. Frontify:


Frontify provides cloud-based software where companies can create, store, document, and distribute their brand assets such as logos, fonts, colors, and even strategic brand references. This ensures brand consistency across different platforms and departments.


9. Wingtra:


Wingtra develops commercial drones for applications like surveying, mining, agriculture, and wildlife conservation. Their drones can cover large areas, deliver high-resolution image quality, and have a durable design to withstand difficult weather conditions.


10. GetYourGuide:


This is a booking platform for unforgettable travel experiences. They connect travelers with the best local tour and activity providers all over the world. Their team of travel experts carefully selects each experience to ensure that you have the most hassle-free, enjoyable experience while travelling. From skip-the-line tickets to world-renowned attractions like the Eiffel Tower and The Last Supper, to exclusive behind-the-scenes access to unique local experiences like market tours with master chefs and private views of Michelangelo’s David, GetYourGuide offers something for everyone.



The startup landscape in Zurich is thriving and vibrant, due largely to the city’s strategic location, robust infrastructure, and first-class education and research institutions. The city is also home to a diverse pool of skilled talents, making it a fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurial activity.

The startups mentioned above – Beekeeper, Scandit, Advanon, Ava, Versantis, On, DeepCode, Knip, Frontify, Wingtra, and GetYourGuide – exemplify the ingenuity and perseverance of Zurich-based entrepreneurs. Despite their varying sectors from communication platform, tech-based scanning, financial aids, health and pharmaceutical, to footwear, code review, insurance navigation, branding, drones, and travel experiences, they are driven by a common mission of pushing the boundaries of their respective fields. Their innovations are not just impacting how business is done in Zurich, but they’re setting industry standards worldwide.

Looking ahead, these startups certainly have the potential to see continued success. Given their proven ability to innovate and disrupt traditional business models, we can expect these startups to continue leading the way in developing game-changing solutions that enhance customer experience, streamline operations, and drive growth.

Moreover, with Zurich’s supportive ecosystem for startups, including various accelerators, incubators, venture capitalists, and government programs, these startups have a strong foundation to grow and expand their ventures.

The dynamic and fast-paced nature of technology continues to fuel the growth of the tech scene in Zurich. Whether it’s in FinTech, HealthTech, PropTech, or another industry altogether, Zurich’s tech startups are ones to watch. They are indeed part of the exciting tech eruption that shows no sign of slowing down. Thus, any tech enthusiast, job hunter, or investor should certainly keep an eye on the tech scene in Zurich, as the impressive innovations coming out of this entrepreneurial city are not to be missed.