Candidate Testing & Scoring

Tired filtering candidates?

It can be quite overwhelming to filter through CVs and interview hundreds of candidates to find the right one for your job. 

Scheduling interviews is a challenge trying to get hold of the right tech interviewers who may be tied up in critical work.

WorkFlowControlCenter/Hiring Solution is an AI driven platform to automatically generate 
online tests based on your Jobs, score these test results & help you filter through candidates

3 easy steps to filter candidates and find your next super star

Submit Job Posts

Submit your Job Posts to our platform and let its AI work its magic –  

Creating Online Technical and Soft skill tests !! 

Our online tests are AI-generated and cover a wide range of technical subjects, ensuring that you can thoroughly assess the skills and knowledge of potential candidates. These assessments can be customized for various roles, including programmers, sales & marketing, management & interns. 

Rate applicants using AI based scoring

Once the tests are done they are automatically rated using AI to give each applicant a score based on their answers.  

Using the scores as a guide you can then shortlist the right candidates for the job and move them forward in the hiring process.

Select the best candidates to move forward

With our comprehensive assessments and automated scoring system, you can confidently choose the best candidates for your company. 

This dramatically improves the applicant hiring and filtering process ! 

Helping your team focus on interviewing the right candidates and avoids wastage of time. 

Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation,

our platform can accommodate your hiring needs

Interested ? 

Discover how WorkFlowControlCenter/hiring can help you simplify your hiring process