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TechMeetups is all about YOU so come along, join us and let’s connect to form a truly global tech community!

Techmeetups.com is a Global cluster existing 10 years, with 22 interconnected communities, 80 organized job fairs, 1200+ hiring companies and 65,000+ startups, students and graduates, professionals, coders, salespeople, financiers, marketers & developers across the world.

We have events and communities all over the world: London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Lisbon, Stockholm, Madrid, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Munich, Dublin, Bern, Zurich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, New York and so on.

We help companies through Events like Meetups, Job Seekers Night, Drinks & Demo, Pitch night, recruITech, Workshops, Hackathons, Job Fairs, Developers Speed Dating https://techmeetups.com/events 

Need someone urgently to join your organization? Let us help you promote your job. Finding the right talent is one of the main issues faced by companies but we make the process easier, smoother and quicker for you http://techmeetups.com/product-category/find-me-a-dream-team

Planning on an event but not sure of how to promote it? Leave it to us! Our team of experts will make sure that your event becomes the buzzword in the community. Choose from our Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze plans, based on your requirement, and we will leave no stone unturned to make your event a huge success https://techmeetups.com/product-category/promote-my-event

Employers, hiring managers, career consultants, startups, non-profit organizations, and community organizations come together to provide resources, connections, and job opportunities to candidates looking for opportunities in IT, Marketing or Sales.



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