Spotlight on New Tech Startups in Munich

Spotlight on New Tech Startups in Munich

Spotlight on New Tech Startups in Munich

In the heart of Bavaria, a tech revolution is brewing as Munich progressively emerges as a vital arena for digital startups. An unassuming powerhouse, Munich is famed for its historic charm and beer gardens, yet beneath this traditional façade is a burgeoning tech ecosphere bristling with innovation and promise. Over recent years, a vibrant crop of ambitious tech startups have been contributing to Munich’s digital evolution, making the city a magnet for tech aficionados and investors alike.

These newly founded startups are not mere businesses – they are platforms for novel ideas to challenge the status quo, driving technological advancements, and contributing to meaningful economic growth.

Many of these startups bring forth groundbreaking solutions to diverse sectors, forging unique paths in AI, machine learning, deep learning, programming, data science, cyber security, software development, healthcare-tech, software, and other key areas.

In this blog, we aim to spotlight 10 noteworthy tech startups that have sprouted recently in Munich’s fertile innovation ground.
Each of these companies represents a unique spark in Munich’s vibrant tech constellation, illuminating advancements in various tech fields. Whether you’re a technophile, an investor, or a curious reader, journey with us as we delve into the inspirational narratives of these game-changing startups. Let’s explore how they are shaping Munich’s tech landscape and potentially the world.

The Rising Stars: 10 Newly Founded Tech Startups in Munich

1. Fineway


Business Description: Fineway’s AI-powered system provides personalized travel experiences by predicting customer wishes.

2. Userlane


Business Description: Userlane offers a navigation system that enables users to operate software instantly and without prior knowledge.

  • Founding Year: 2015, by Hartmut Hahn and Felix Eichler
  • Key Achievements: Serving numerous large-scale clients including Allianz and Deutsche Telekom.
  • Website:

3. Blickfeld


Business Description: Blickfeld develops LiDAR sensors for environmental perception of autonomous machines and IoT applications.

  • Founding Year: 2017, by Mathias Müller, Florian Petit, and Rolf Wojtech
  • Key Achievements: Secured multiple funding rounds with top-tier investors.
  • Website:

4. Quantum-Systems

Business Description: Quantum-Systems combines eVTOL (electrical vertical take-off and landing) capabilities with long range in commercial drone technology.

  • Founding Year: 2015, by Florian Seibel and others
  • Key Achievements: Vanguard of the drone technology industry with several patented technologies.
  • Website:

5. NavVis

Business Description: NavVis is a leading provider of indoor spatial intelligence technology for large commercial and industrial properties. Meet them face to face at the upcoming Munich Tech Job Fair.

  • Founding Year: 2013, by Georg Schroth, Robert Huitl, Felix Reinshagen, and Sebastian Hilsenbeck
  • Key Achievements: Developed an impressive IndoorViewer tool, received multiple rounds of funding and won numerous innovation awards.
  • Website:

6. Hawa Dawa

Business Description: Hawa Dawa integrates various data sources to provide highly accurate and highly local air quality data.

7. MachineFinder

Business Description: Digital marketplace for used machinery that connects sellers and buyers to benefit from price transparency and comparability.

  • Founding Year: 2019, by Michael Hauser
  • Key Achievements: Rapid growth and successful penetration into the digital marketplace category.
  • Website:

8. RoomAR

  • Business Description: AI-powered augmented reality platform for home furnishing and interior design.
  • Founding Year: 2018, by Mona Alikhanizadeh and Mohammed Bensliman
  • Key Achievements: Multiple partnerships with leading home furnishing brands around the world.
  • Website:

9. Artisense

Business Description: Provides vision-powered AI software to enable 3D mapping, localization, and AR applications.

  • Founding Year: 2017, by Stefan Milz, Xiao Chen, and Andreas Buder
  • Key Achievements: Successful partnerships in surveying and robotics industries.
  • Website:

10. 2trde

Business Description: Modern vehicle trading platform designed to facilitate direct and transparent trading between auto dealers.

  • Founding Year: 2019, by Thilo Konzok and Oliver Weyergraf
  • Key Achievements: Successfully digitizing the vehicle trading process and gaining significant investment.
  • Website:


As these startups continue to evolve and develop, there’s much to anticipate. Their growth trajectories indicate promising advancements in technology and continued contribution to Munich’s vibrant tech ecosystem. We encourage you to keep a close watch on these startups. Whether you’re a job seeker searching for exciting opportunities, an investor looking for the next big thing, or just someone interested in technology and innovation, these startups represent the bright future of Munich’s tech scene. Their journey is truly inspiring and is set to shape tech trends in the coming years.