Lisbon’s Hottest Tech Startups of 2024

Tech Startup Lisbon

Lisbon’s Hottest Tech Startups of 2024

The TechStartup scene in Lisbon is rapidly growing, with a dynamic and innovative tech industry that is a hub for TechTalent. The city is home to a myriad of exciting startups working in diverse domains such as #ArtificialIntelligence, #MachineLearning, #CyberSecurity, #DataScience and #SoftwareDevelopment.

Lisbon’s tech ecosystem is extremely vibrant and offers a great TechLife. It’s fuelled by the availability of funding, incubators, events and meetups like #TechJobs, and a thriving pool of talent perfect for #ITJobs. The robust startup infrastructure, combined with extensive government support and schemes aimed at boosting the #TechStartups ecosystem ensure a steady growth and innovation in the industry.

Why is Lisbon an Exciting Place for Tech Startups?

With its strong #TechWork ecosystem, favourable business environment, access to a talented pool of professionals, free access to the EU market which allows #TechStartups to scale easily and quickly, and excellent quality of life, Lisbon emerges as an exciting and favourable destination for tech startups. This city offers a multitude of opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and growth, solidifying its position as a leading destination for #TechJobs.

1. DefinedCrowd (2015)


This company’s innovative use of AI and human intelligence to create high-quality AI training data is ground-breaking. The potential applications for their service across a wide array of industries make them a compelling company to watch.


2. Unbabel (2013)


Unbabel is combining AI with a global human linguistics network. This unique approach to breaking down language barriers is incredibly valuable, particularly in an increasingly globalized business world.


3. Codacy (2012)


The company is automating code reviews, which is a huge time saver for developers. They’re in the vanguard of addressing the technical debt issue, making them an exciting prospect.


4. OutSystems (2001)


As a global leader in the low-code platforms, OutSystems is literally changing the way we develop software applications. With speed and efficiency being their key selling points, the future looks bright for this company.


5. Feedzai (2009)


With the ever-growing importance of data and machine learning, their technology is at the forefront of fraud prevention, a critical area for businesses of every size and in every sector.


6. Talkdesk (2011)

The company represents a major shift in the way businesses communicate with customers. It’s pushing forward the customer service industry and shaping it in a modern way.


7. Attentive (2015)


By bringing automation to the key sales and marketing tasks, Attentive inspires the trend to more personalised and effective customer interaction using modern technology.


8. (2013)

This company is reconstructing the way we recruit tech talent, making it easier to connect employers and potential employees. The specialized focus on tech talent is definitely a strong suit.


9. Zaask (2012)


The company’s novel approach to connecting clients and professionals, and its broad range of services extending beyond traditional sectors places Zaask in a unique position of growth.


10. Sensei (2017)


They are pioneering in the field of autonomous retail which is expected to be the future of shopping. Their cutting-edge technology is revolutionising the retail industry.


11. Aptoide (2011)


As one of the first independent Android app stores, Aptoide is providing a distinctive environment that lets developers experiment and users to customise to their needs.


10. Veniam (2012)


The idea of transforming vehicles into WiFi hotspots marks a significant innovation in creating a connected transportation infrastructure. It carries immense potential in the era of smart cities.


11. Knok Healthcare (2015)

Knok Healthcare

In the era of digital health systems, Knok Healthcare is revolutionising the way patients access healthcare services with their telemedicine platform.


12. Xhockware (2014)


Xhockware is reimagining the retail experience by offering solutions to speed up the checkout process, making shopping more convenient and enjoyable.


13. Infraspeak (2015)


They are digitising facilities management, which is a fundamental shift in a legacy industry, marking them as an innovative and exciting company to watch.


Startups in Lisbon cover a wide array of sectors. From FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech to GreenTech, companies like OutSystems, Unbabel, Feedzai are making headlines globally with their innovative solutions. These companies are not only contributing to the country’s economic growth but also putting Lisbon on the global tech map through their groundbreaking work.

Participation in the local events and tech meetups such as the ones hosted by TechMeetups is a great way to stay connected with Lisbon’s thriving tech scene. If you are a tech enthusiast looking to explore the latest advancements, a job seeker wishing to unlock fresh opportunities, or a startup hoping to make valuable connections, I strongly encourage you to stay involved in the Lisbon tech community.

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