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Want to play games all day? Get a job at gaming company!

Secretly most game enthusiasts desire making money developing  games themselves. With the surge in the Gaming industry over the last few years and trends in Game development this desire is achievable and now within easy grasp. Even if you are not technically inclined there are many types of opening positions from which to choose, both […]

6 reasons startups should consider selling to small businesses, not big enterprises

Original post by Andrew Gazdecki via VB Andrew Gazdecki is the founder and CEO of Bizness Apps, a do-it-yourself mobile app & mobile website platform for small businesses, and Bizness CRM, a CRM platform designed to make selling to small businesses easy. With all the buzz these days about how sexy and cool the enterprise has become, there […]

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Forget Big Business: Start-ups Have the Competitive Edge

Oiginal post by Inc Bigger isn’t always better. Check out the advantages that you have as a small business owner. Sure your start-up lacks cash, but with the right mindset, your start-up’s hunger gives you considerable advantages over big companies that are larded with people, capital, and assets. No, really. Hear me out. That’s because […]

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How to turn a fledging start-up into big business

Original post by Telegraph SalesGossip co-founder Zabetta Camilleri discusses the importance of digital marketing and product development in her top tips for business start ups. Find out how RBS is helping young entrepreneurs at Inspiring Youth Enterprise Zabetta Camilleri is co-founder of SalesGossip, an online and mobile platform that alerts shoppers to the latest promotions and sales. […]

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5 Mobile Startups Helping Big Businesses Flourish

Original post by SiliconIndia Bangalore: Over the years there has been a staggering increase in apps which has changed the view of startups amongst people. Generally when we talk about startups, we assume that the company is into building mobile apps. Interestingly, there are various Indian startups or Indian founded startups that are into interesting […]


Import•io: enables you to extract data from the web simply

Andrew Fogg will be Presenting at TechMeetups Drinks & Demo Night! London May 2013 #TMUdrinks on 23rd May at Club Workspace Online event registration for TechMeetups Drinks & Demo Night! London May 2013 #TMUdrinks powered by Eventbrite Presenter: Andrew Fogg Founder & CDO of A scientist by training, Andrew has worked with data all his career in both business and academia for organisations […]


IPv6 Buddy: The essential tool for IPv 6 engineers

Dennis Peper will be Presenting IPv6 Buddy at TechMeetups Drinks & Demo Night! London May 2013 #TMUdrinks on 23rd May at Club Workspace Sell Tickets through Eventbrite Presenter:Dennis Peper   Owner of IPv6 BUDDY           About Company  & Product The IPv6 Buddy is a USB keypad that is compatible with the following host operating systems. Of course, any terminal window […]

Ernst&Young finds big businesses hungry for small startups

Original post by Rebecca Grant via venturebeat Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Ernst & Young released its quarterly report about unions in the technology world. The report found that the total value of global technology mergers and acquisitions declined by 35 percent in 2012. While at first this seems startling, the good news is that the deal value for […]

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Top Paying Technology Jobs in Germany

The Technology sector in Germany continues to grow despite a challenging economic environment in recent years. Today, companies in the Technology sector are faced with a talent market dominated by a drive for skills related to internet/data security and cloud/mobile connectivity. Companies also face a shortage of labour supply due to demographic changes across Germany. […]

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