OpenAsset London Tech Job Fair Autumn 2019

OpenAsset is the only cloud digital asset management software specifically designed for architecture, engineering, construction and real estate firms. It was developed in close collaboration with one of the UK’s leading architects, it is specifically designed to solve the digital asset management issues of project-driven organizations.

The company takes the effort out of organizing digital assets and improves project information management by simplifying the cataloguing and searching of digital assets. We are honoured that the team will be joining us at the London Tech Job Fair.


OpenAsset is a cloud-based solution, therefore project workers can manage and access their digital assets anywhere and anytime. Peter Walsham, Axomic’s joint CEO and Co-founder commenting ongoing success of OpenAsset said: “This is a very powerful tool to help our clients improve their management of digital assets. We’ve developed OpenAsset in close collaboration with our clients and I believe this is reflected in the extremely positive feedback we consistently receive. Users now have an intuitive tool to help support their work, and that’s what this is all about, making their lives easier.”


OpenAsset continues to consolidate its position as the leading image library of choice for AEC and Real Estate firms worldwide. OpenAsset is currently used by over 112,000 professionals and 650 clients in the architectural field and is the market-leading image library for European architects. Axomic had been targeting consulting engineers for 12 months and had already signed Max Fordham, Adams Kara Taylor, Price & Myers, Cundall and Campbell Reith within the time of commencing business. Their successes prove the rising importance of marketing and imagery within the consulting engineer field.

OpenAsset London Tech Job Fair Autumn 2019

Derwent London plc, a leading property development company based in London, has been using OpenAsset for a number of years and high-quality images are key tools used to promote the business. The marketing department uses images to produce brochures, presentations, web pages, and other promotional materials.

Susannah Woodgate, marketing manager at Derwent London says “OpenAsset was designed with clients in the property and construction sector in mind. We work with many of the companies who use OpenAsset so as a property development company we felt very comfortable choosing a system so well established in the construction industry.” Image resources are crucial to the company’s marketing strategy. Users from across the company can now find images much more quickly. Once they’ve got what they want OpenAsset allows them to spend less time managing images and more time creating powerful marketing materials.

We live in a tech-charged, click and share world. Which means that if you have any involvement in marketing or sales at an AEC firm, two things are true: You have an ever-growing cache of digital image assets. And you have more channels to share those assets than ever before, from presentations and proposals to your website and social media channels.

According to OpenAsset’s recent research, 52% of AEC firms maintain image libraries sized well over 20K assets. And 56% of firms say they will create more or a lot more images this year than last. To read more about the image issue and how AEC firms are addressing it, check out their e-book, State of Digital Asset Management in AEC. Despite the proliferation of image assets available, and the growing demand among clients to see detailed photography illustrating your project experience, many marketers revert to using the same images over and over because they simply don’t have the time to search for and find project photos.

OpenAsset London Tech Job Fair Autumn 2019

That’s where a digital asset management solution can help. Company research shows that firms that have not invested in a DAM are the most likely to say that fewer than 50% of their image assets can efficiently be found and used. Part of the problem is that marketing teams, sales teams, and project teams tend to store their assets in separate places, usually in file folders shared throughout the office or company, which tend to get disorganized. Those who are searching for images don’t always have easy access, or even know they exist.

On the other hand, companies that have a DAM and a digital asset manager are much more likely to say that over 75% of images can be quickly accessed and used. As a single and centralized photo library, a DAM affords easier and faster image access not just to marketers, but to partners and principals, the business development team, project managers, and others. In fact, DAM users typically open up image access to more people in their organization, because with DAM, product owners can control how images are used and who has access to which images.

As a result, DAM users say they benefit from much greater marketing productivity and operational efficiency, and that marketing is cleared as a production bottleneck in their firms. They benefit from automated, efficient workflow that enables faster, easier production of capabilities packages, case studies, RFP and tender responses, and all the other items on their growing list of deliverables. When firms select a DAM that is project-based, the outcome gets even better.

OpenAsset London Tech Job Fair Autumn 2019

Of course, not all DAMs are created equal. A DAM that is project-focused is more likely to better meet the needs of AEC firms because it allows users to organize images around the projects they market. A DAM with project folders, automated project keyword capabilities, and the ability to connect with your ERP and tag assets with project metadata; including client, services rendered, discipline, and location, makes it that much easier for marketers and others in the firm to find and use the images they need.

Images can be easily and automatically tagged and categorized, and people can search for all assets related to specific project or category of projects. With a project-based DAM, you also enjoy easy access to the other essential details about the project, including budget, project description, and team members.

If your company is looking for a way to take control of its digital assets to better showcase its project expertise (and what AEC firm isn’t?), then a project-based DAM may be just the answer. With the system in place, the next time anyone in your firm needs images related to specific project, the assets they need will be just a click away.

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