30 free tools to help recruiters through the coronavirus pandemic

By Erwin Hokken via The world of recruitment is also affected by COVID-19 Coronavirus. Employees who have to work from home or, for example, job applications and meetings via video. Recruitment Tech made a list of 30 free tools to help recruiters through the coronavirus pandemic with tools for recruiting, communicating and productivity. 12 free […]

New Business? How to Expand Hiring

Most new entrepreneurs are eager to expand as quickly as possible. They see growth as the fuel necessary to succeed and to achieve growth, you need to invest in more resources and a further reach. However, if you aren’t careful, expanding too quickly can work against you. So how can you scale up your hiring […]

Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 2nd April 2020

Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 2nd April 2020

Hello everyone! In an effort to prevent spreading the virus we’ve decided that it’s in the best interest of the exhibitors, attendees, volunteers and staff to postpone some of our Spring events for the Summer of 2020. Protecting the safety and health of our exhibitors and community of guests is the most important thing. We […]

Working from home? Here are 11 tips to help you through

Credit: By Katie Johnston  Follow her on Twitter @ktkjohnston  So you’re working from home. Join the coronavirus-avoidance club! If you’re new to the freedom of working in your pyjamas (not that we recommend that) or don’t usually work remotely for days on end, here are a few tips to help you through. 1. Get dressed. Take […]


The scene in Amsterdam might not have the financial power of London, or the same value-for-money workforce as Berlin, but its laidback business laws have attracted a decent amount of startups. The laissez-faire attitude to founding a business is what makes it easy for entrepreneurs to create. You just hand in your documents and get […]