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TechMeetups FinTech Drinks & Demo Night! #TMUdrinks

For every community to refresh and innovate itself, innovative and fresh ideas are demanded and so was it at the TechMeetups FinTech Drinks & Demo Night at 6.00 pm on the 25th June, organized in the heart of  London’s financial district, Canary Wharf, in Level 39. Level 39, Europe’s largest accelerator space for finance, retail […]

Judo Payments announces £1 million competition to support UK-based mobile app start ups at #TMUdrinks

@JudoPayments announces £1 million competition to support UK-based mobile app start ups at #TMUdrinks

Judo Payments is one of UK’s leading mobile phone card payment providers.  To celebrate the coming out of beta on the 8th of July, Judo has announced a £1 million competition aimed at entrepreneurs and early stage companies that are building apps for Apple and Android phones in order to support mobile innovation. Denis Jones, […]


Hiring for startups – advice from @WorkableHR

For years, Workable recruited for fast-growing companies. Went through thousands of resumes, down bottomless mail threads and countless job boards, each with its own posting structure. Roughed it with tedious applicant tracking software, the obligatory excel files on-the-side and the impossible coordination of interviews and feedback. Nikos Moraitakis, founder of Workable, is sharing his experience in […]

What is crowdfunding?

Original post by Georgina-Kate Adams via Startups How does crowdfunding work and is it right for your business? With the economic downturn causing banks to tighten their purse strings, you may need to find alternative sources of funding to get your start-up off the ground. Indeed, 65% of entrepreneurs planned to seek alternative finance in 2012, according to […]


TechSentiment lets you follow Social Sentiment for your favorite Tech stocks

In the past decade behavioural finance has debased the existing economic theories that financial markets are efficient. Various emotional factors have been proven to also impact share prices. Social media has provided us with the means to capture and analyze these emotions in real-time. TechSentiment makes these sentiment analyses available for the most popular tech […]

Using Angel Investors To Raise Startup Capital

Using Angel Investors To Raise Startup Capital

Original post by go4funding  Many people who are looking for startup capital for their new business do not want to utilize outside angel investors to raise the money. For the most part this is because they do not want to be tied to another individual when it comes to the profits and business decisions. But for some people […]


Axel Springer Plug and Play gets underway with eight start-ups

The start-up companies that will participate in the first accelerator program of Axel Springer Plug and Play have been selected: Asuum, eflear, mpax, nextsocial, papayer, Solid Sound Labs, TickTickTickets, and ZenGuard. They have already moved into Markgrafenstraße 12-14 in Berlin, where they will spend the next three months working intensively on the further development of […]


Win $5,000 to spend on Elance

Elance is the largest and most popular freelance platform for businesses looking to hire and work with top freelancers. Over 500,000 businesses and 2 million freelance professionals in more than 150 countries use Elance. Each year more than 1 million freelance jobs are completed through Elance, and to date our professional community has earned nearly […]


Want to play games all day? Get a job at gaming company!

Secretly most game enthusiasts desire making money developing  games themselves. With the surge in the Gaming industry over the last few years and trends in Game development this desire is achievable and now within easy grasp. Even if you are not technically inclined there are many types of opening positions from which to choose, both […]

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