Botfuel – Chatbot creation has never been easier

With the Paris Tech Job Fair right around the corner, we’d like you to meet Botfuel – the company specialising in making chatbots creation simple and effective. In the beautiful capital of France, they will be searching for new talent in love with tech and ready for some real challenges. Are you onboard? Learn more […]

Why should you work for Symphony RetailAI?

During upcoming Tech Job Fair in Paris, we’ll be happy to have Symphony Retail with us. Their team will look for new talented employees to join their team and help this international company grow even further as the industry leader. You’re up? Then have a look below – these are some good reasons to join […]

Why should you work for Appical?

After Amsterdam, the time has come for New York. Appical joins us for the event on the 7th of June and they’ll be looking for people like you. They want to turn talent into heroes, so spend a moment now and get to know them better. Here’s why applying for Appical openings is worth your […]

Skello – Shift scheduling finally made easy

One of the most challenging tasks for hotels and restaurants is to plan out employee shifts. It often proves difficult to manage and balance different timetables, employee agreements and availability. But this also where Skello comes in handy – their platform makes it easy to prepare readable schedules for big and small companies. Skello’s creators […]

BlindData: Changing the ways software engineers are hired

Can employers always accurately screen candidates for their jobs? BlindData found a way to make the recruitment process easier for software engineers. With the help of their innovative platform, job seekers can show off their actual skill while the employers are sure they hire the best of the best. BlindData is one of those amazing […]