Why should you work for Symphony RetailAI?

Why should you work for Symphony RetailAI?

During upcoming Tech Job Fair in Paris, we’ll be happy to have Symphony Retail with us. Their team will look for new talented employees to join their team and help this international company grow even further as the industry leader. You’re up? Then have a look below – these are some good reasons to join up with them.

Who are they?

Symphony RetailAI are the creators of a AI-driven software that makes the life of retailers easier. They’re delivering services that make the everyday job simpler and more effective for clients in over 70 countries. 15 out of 25 top global grocery retail chains uses Symphony Retail Solutions – that’s over 1200 customers in total!

Currently, the company employees over 1000 people. Symphony Retail is proud of its 25 years in retail experience which helps them deliver the best possible solutions for their clients.

What’s their team like?

If you wonder what’s the Retail Symphony team like, you’d probably best hear out what they say: “[We] All share a common passion for the retail and wholesale sector, and value achieving business improvement and success through open dialogue, mutual respect and informed opinion”.

Symphony Retail goes ahead of their competitors because they’re after the best talent in multiple fields. They look for people passionate about data analysis, design, sales, development, marketing and many others. They need people who want to help them create better AI solutions and they know they can offer a lot in return.

Work & benefit from working

Symphony Retail created a dynamic and fast-paced surrounding in which people thrives and career speed up. It’s an international community of clients and employees, and the mixture of cultures serves well to those looking for broadening their horizons.

“Symphony RetailAI is committed to providing equal opportunities for those seeking employment, regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation and religion”, says the company.


To provide the growth chances and learning opportunities to each of their employees is the company’s goal. By facing numerous challenges and constantly improving, you will quickly grow as a specialist in your own field, taking on more complex and advanced projects as your career proceeds.

“Our customers recognize the quality, dedication and deep industry understanding our people bring to every situation and it is a key reason they partner with Symphony Retail to solve their business challenges”, adds Symphony Retail. Thanks to this, you can expect yourself always being pushed to stay on your toes and motivated for pushing your limits and through this growing personally and professionally.


But there’s one more thing to all of this and that’s the satisfaction from your job. Symphony Retail AI solutions are the top-tier tools that change the market. You, too, can be a part of the process of creating an advanced software and altering the industry. With ambitious goals set before you, you can get deep in the most complex tasks – knowing that what you do, matters for clients all around the world.

Don’t wait any longer! Paris Tech Job Fair is closer and closer, so book your free job seeker ticket now and have a chat with their team on the 17th of May!