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itContracting: IT Recruitment by IT Professionals

Get ready for Dublin Tech Job Fair and learn more about the companies that join us to find the best tech talent they need. This time we want you to meet itContracting, Ireland’s leading IT recruitment agency. Since itContracting was established in 2010, they have created prosperity across the IT sector, positioning the best temporary, […]


Interview with Zoi’s Managing Director Benjamin Hermann

1. What’s the story behind the creation of your company? What inspired you to start your business? Benjamin Hermann: “Get out of your comfort zone!” While this may sound like the shrill whistle call of a run-of-the-mill fitness trainer, for me and my partners it was this uneasy feeling that was our main motivation. We […]


Productsup: Leading Software for Feed Management

Berlin, get ready for our upcoming Tech Job Fair! This is a great opportunity for the tech talent who want to get a dream job in Berlin. Maybe Productsup is the right company for you? Let’s find out together! Productsup is an enterprise cloud software for product content syndication and feed management. Productsup has revolutionized […]


Frontify: Brand Guidelines & Design Collaboration Made Easy

We are so excited about Zurich Tech Job Fair and the companies that join us to find the tech talent they need. Let us tell you the amazing story of Frontify, the most scalable brand management software for maximized brand consistency. Among crystal lakes, enclosed by misty mountains, they simplify the life of branding by […]


TechMeetups Newsletter October 12th 2018

Hello there! There’s something you should definitely think about. Do you believe that social media is being weaponized? This article surely claims so! All social networks were created with the purpose of uniting, not dividing people. Do you believe at some point we’ve began misusing them? Is there something we could do to mend the […]


Avrios – Managing Corporate Mobility Professionally

As we proceed to introduce you to the companies joining us for Zurich Tech Job Fair, it’s time for you to meet with Avrios – the company delivering outstanding solutions for corporate fleets. Today you’ll learn why the company was created and what’s so great about it! “The companies need support to manage their increasingly […]

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