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Hello, 2019 is here and it will bring changes. To everybody – small and big ones alike. And we can see it if we look at these companies who are planning some big stock moves this year. Did you know that giants such as Uber are planning their IPO this year? If this doesn’t say […]

TechMeetups Newsletter October 19th 2018

Hello there! On a tech news site, there’s something that all book lover will be happy about. Amazon has just launched new Kindle Paperwhite – this time, in waterproof version. If this new feature turns our super useful or unnecessary – we are yet to find out. It may definitely come in handy for all […]

TechMeetups Newsletter September 28th 2018

Hello there! Did you know that app shopping will be easier now? Shopify has just launched new app store! They’re aiming to make shopping for nearly 2500 apps easier and faster. If you’re an app enthusiast, you should definitely try it out. If you’re building your own app – even more so!  With tens of […]

Snap40: Grow Your Career. Save lives.

Snap40, the “doctor on your arm”, has been awarded a £1 million contract by NHS England to further scale its technology via This Thursday we are are going to celebrate our first autumn event! London Tech Job Fair is just around the corner and we are happy to say that many companies are joining […]

TechMeetups Newsletter September 6th 2018

Hello there! There’s this saying that once the ball starts rolling… well, it just keeps rolling. It looks like that’s the case of Amazon who has just recently hit a trillion dollars revenue! The shopping giant seems to know no limits when it comes to growth and expanding on the market. Would that mean they’re […]