Snap40: Grow Your Career. Save lives.

Snap40: Grow Your Career. Save lives.

Snap40, the “doctor on your arm”, has been awarded a £1 million contract by NHS England to further scale its technology via

This Thursday we are are going to celebrate our first autumn event! London Tech Job Fair is just around the corner and we are happy to say that many companies are joining us for it! One of them, Snap40, develops life-saving technologies and they are in need of new employees! See what we learned about them below.

Christopher McCann and Stewart Whiting
Christopher McCann and Stewart Whiting

“Snap40 was founded in 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland by Christopher McCann and Stewart Whiting. Whilst a medical student at Dundee University, Christopher witnessed how the decline in patients’ health was often a result of the signs of health deterioration not being picked up sooner. He conceptualised a product that would automatically identify patients that needed medical attention, long before they became sick. After partnering with Stewart, who has a PhD in computer science and wealth of experience gained from working at Microsoft, snap40 was born!”, says the company when we asked them about their business origins.

The need truly is the mother of invention and the best business is created to answer real problems. And Snap40 does just that!

But as always – the company’s success lies with the team. Here’s what the Snap40’s team is like in their own eyes.

“We are a vibrant and ambitious company.  Our team are hardworking & always striving to improve. We are flexible and remote friendly as we believe it is more about the work you produce than the hours worked. Transparency and honesty across the whole company is also very important and valued. Our team is friendly, dynamic and supportive of each other. Everyone works hard but has fun at the same time. We care deeply about what we are trying to achieve. “

It’s not easy to design the solution they came up with. To do so, Snap40 puts in a lot of effort and hard work. It’s something that they expect from their employees as well. Are you eager to hear out more who they need in their team?

“We look for people who want to help build this company not just work for us. We need people who are self-motivated and take ownership of their work. We look for people who are willing to get stuck in and never say <that’s not my job!>”, they say.

What about their goals for the future?

“We want to be a multi-billion-dollar company and offer share options as part of our package as we believe everyone who has built the company should be rewarded.

We support remote and flexible hours of working and provide the best and latest tools to help you achieve your individual goals”, shares the company.

So what do you think? If this sounds like your kind of a job that you’d like to get “stuck in”, quickly book your job seeker ticket for London Tech Job Fair while they are still available!

And if you want to learn more about Snap40, visit their website, Twitter and LinkedIn!