Working from home? Here are 11 tips to help you through

Credit: By Katie Johnston  Follow her on Twitter @ktkjohnston  So you’re working from home. Join the coronavirus-avoidance club! If you’re new to the freedom of working in your pyjamas (not that we recommend that) or don’t usually work remotely for days on end, here are a few tips to help you through. 1. Get dressed. Take […]

Change management for your management

Change management for your management

Original post by What’s the most difficult part of just about every technology adoption? It’s not the technology. It’s the adoption. Your employees must actually use the technology, and getting their buy-in isn’t a guarantee. In fact, one survey conducted by strategy+business revealed that about 50% of manufacturers believe their employees are not open […]

Is London the Hacking Capital of the World?

Is London the Hacking Capital of the World?

Original post via EC-MSP London is known as a centre of commerce, finance and tech, but the city is less proud to have recently become a capital of cybercrime. A new infographic created by EC-MSP, a London IT company that specialises in cybercrime, shows the full extent of this deceptive crime. With a panoply of data […]

TechMeetups Weekly Newsletter 4th October 2019

Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 4th October 2019

Hello everyone! In this era, every day we have something new, we think that some companies are behind but actually they’re working to bring innovation, and Microsoft is one of them. They keep bringing innovation to mobile devices. This is why they introduced the Surface Duo. It doesn’t actually have a foldable display like the […]

Focused developer coding on computer monitors working late in office

Software development tops list of most in-demand tech skills

Original post by Jonathan Greig via TechRepublic. In the past year, an astounding 588,504 technology job descriptions included “knowledge of software development principles” according to RS Components. Workers in the tech sector are constantly trying to keep up with the times and update their most profitable skills to stay ahead of the game. RS Components […]