SMG expands its portfolio through the acquisition of moneyland.ch

SMG expands its portfolio through the acquisition of moneyland.ch

About SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AGSMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG is a pioneering network of online marketplaces and an innovative digital company that simplifies people’s lives with groundbreaking products. SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG provides its customers with the ideal tools for their life choices. Its portfolio includes real estate (ImmoScout24, Homegate, Flatfox, Immostreet.ch, alle-immobilien.ch, […]

Start your career in Austria

Who are we? WORK in AUSTRIA brings international specialists together with companies operating in Austria and advises international talents and their families on the issue of living and working in Austria. Why Austria? Austria is the most livable country in the world. An intact environment, green meadows and pastures, clear waters, and good air quality […]

The Digital Tools That Can Get Your Small Business Up and Running

Nowadays, it takes a lot for an apparently successful small business to become fully-fledged. Many fail within the first year without investment, and that’s much harder to come by. Indeed, in the current climate, it is even harder than before for a small business to succeed in the UK. Provisional results for the third quarter of 2022 […]

Diversity and Inclusion in the Future of UK Tech Recruitment

In 2021, ethnic minority tech workers in the UK made up 15.2% of the sector’s workforce, according to findings from Tech Nation Report. While a higher number compared to the wider UK workforce (11.8%), tech companies are still hard at work promoting diversity and inclusion in the workforce, which aims to reflect the diversity of society […]