TechMeetups Newsletter August 30th 2018

Hello there! Time travel is suddenly possible. There are some of us who don’t remember the glorious 90s when our PCs were nothing like they’re now. But here comes the way to see it for yourself. Microsoft has recently released Windows 95 emulator that turns your PC into the one taken straight from the end […]

TechMeetups Newsletter August 24th 2018

Hello there! We found something that looks like a good read. Here’s a story of how being a person like an Elon Musk can’t be easy. With all the responsibilities coming from his innovative companies, paired with quite high social expectations from his fans…. You get the picture. But the praise for the man is […]

TechMeetups Newsletter August 17th 2018

Hello there! As if on cue right after Apple’s trillion dollar market valuation comes Samsung’s ‘explosive’ (couldn’t help myself there :)) launch of the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung promises a bunch of cool new features and top on that list it promises not to blow your hand away! 😀 It might just be the next […]

Change the childcare in London with Koru Kids

If summer fills you with dreams of a new career, new job and new opportunities, here’s your chance to make the changes you want to make. This autumn, on September the 20th, we’re waiting for you with London Tech Job Fair and one of the companies attending it will be Koru Kids. See if they […]

Working at Between? Here is why it’s a good idea!

We’re always happy when companies return to us to meet with more job seekers during our events. Between is one of such companies – an innovative consulting & IT outsourcing agency we already got to know during our Barcelona Spring Tech Job Fair. Now, Between is with us again, looking for more talented people. Make […]