Working at Between? Here is why it’s a good idea!

Working at Between? Here is why it’s a good idea!

We’re always happy when companies return to us to meet with more job seekers during our events. Between is one of such companies – an innovative consulting & IT outsourcing agency we already got to know during our Barcelona Spring Tech Job Fair. Now, Between is with us again, looking for more talented people. Make sure to book your free ticket for the autumn event, because we promise you – this company is worth your attention!

Between is a company that currently employs over 400 people in the total of 9 offices. They specialise in technological solutions, outsourcing, consulting and expert talent recruitment. But it’s their company spirit and culture that makes Between so unique as an employer.

“We strongly believe that our growth and success as a company only comes because of our people”, says the company. That’s why they’re employee-focused and team-orientated, creating a growth-friendly environment that stimulates your personal and professional development.

Part of the Between mission is to help their employees grow an broaden their horizons. As such, the company offers a number of perks which include career planning, development meetings, expert trainings, flexible wage plan and many others.

They’re always seeking new employees, too. “If our company philosophy strikes a cord with you, take the first step and send us your CV”, encourages the company.

What would you say? If becoming a Betweener sounds something like you’d like to be, don’t wait any longer! Before heading out for your summer vacation, book your autumn Barcelona Tech Job Fair ticket for free and get ready for a change in your career!

If you want to learn more about the company, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin!