Change the childcare in London with Koru Kids

Change the childcare in London with Koru Kids

If summer fills you with dreams of a new career, new job and new opportunities, here’s your chance to make the changes you want to make. This autumn, on September the 20th, we’re waiting for you with London Tech Job Fair and one of the companies attending it will be Koru Kids. See if they could be your future employer in their brand story below! Don’t forget to sign up for the event when you’re done reading!

Good ideas turn into success when they answer real needs and solve problems. Koru Kids was founded by Rachel Carrell when the life itself showed her how hard it is to find the right childcare in the London area. According to the Koru Kids’ founder and CEO, the current state of childcare opportunities in London are not as they should be, limiting the possibilities of families and the whole society.

“It’s hard to arrange, incredibly expensive, and common options like nursery just don’t work for lots of families. I kept hearing horror stories from friends who weren’t happy with their choices but felt powerless to change them. I also saw lots of female friends unable to go back to work, or making career choices they didn’t really want to make, just because they couldn’t find the right childcare”, says Rachel Carell as she describes the discoveries she made.

But in order to make the big change happen, they need more people to help run their platform. The platform which connects student nannies with the right families and trains the trustworthy childcare people. If you want to be the part of what they do, seek them out on London Tech Job Fair on the 20th of September! As a job seeker, you enter for free so book your ticket right now!

And if you want to learn more about the company, visit their website or Facebook!