BlindData: Changing the ways software engineers are hired

BlindData: Changing the ways software engineers are hired

Can employers always accurately screen candidates for their jobs? BlindData found a way to make the recruitment process easier for software engineers. With the help of their innovative platform, job seekers can show off their actual skill while the employers are sure they hire the best of the best.

BlindData is one of those amazing companies which join us for New York Tech Job Fair on the 7th of June. Have a look at their story below as they may yet turn out to be your future employer!

Established in 2015, BlindData is an online platform connecting software engineers and employers looking for outstanding specialists. Their idea bases on the professional tests which are prepared by award-winning programmers and computer science professors. The candidates take rigorous tests which then place them on 1-10 scale according to their skill level.

“We rank every candidate against the best software engineers from MIT, Google and other benchmarks so that employers can quickly understand a candidate’s skill level, saving them countless hours and dollars”, says BlindData team.

Currently, BlindData are looking for more people that could join the company and drive it forward. With their goals to expand further and improve their services, the team looks for hardworking people with passion for software engineering. Are you willing to learn, hungry for challenges and full of ideas? Your place might just be in BlindData team.

Don’t hesitate to approach them during the New York event and ask about their openings. Every job seeker enters the fair for free, so book your ticket now while they’re still available!


And if you want to learn more about BlindData, visit their website, Facebook or Twitter!