Skello – Shift scheduling finally made easy

Skello – Shift scheduling finally made easy

One of the most challenging tasks for hotels and restaurants is to plan out employee shifts. It often proves difficult to manage and balance different timetables, employee agreements and availability. But this also where Skello comes in handy – their platform makes it easy to prepare readable schedules for big and small companies.

Skello’s creators are now in need of new employees. They’ll be looking for them at Paris Tech Job Fair, so have a look below and see if they sound like someone you’d like to work for!


Created in 2016, the company prides themselves on amazing growth. They went from 80 partners in 2017 to 900 in 2018! What’s the story behind their success and how do they make it work? Well, the answer shouldn’t surprise – it’s their people who make it all happen.

Skello’s team is a bunch of passionate people with an average age of 27 years, focused on their clients and their colleagues. The collaborative culture of the company creates a close-knit community and all sort of human interactions are deeply encouraged. As an employee, you’ll get to meet your colleagues during several social events happening at the company every month.


Skello looks for people who are ready to take ownership of their tasks and responsibilities, willing to learn from their mistakes and never take anything for granted. An ideal Skello employee is a person compassionate about their customers and co-workers alike, never giving up and always seeking new challenges.

How does it sound to you? If you like what you read, don’t forget to talk to Skello team during Paris Tech Job Fair on the 17th of May! As a job seeker, you can book your event ticket for free, so don’t hesitate and do it now!


If you want to learn more about Skello, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram!