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Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 18th July 2019

Weekly Newsletter 18th July 2019

Hello,   Something viral this week is the Face App on iOS devices, raising again questions about the access to our Gallery library and indeed to our private life.  The app was developed by a Russian team 2 years ago and today is generating more concerns about Cybersecurity and privacy on our devices.   Read […]

Weekly Newsletter 4th July 2019

Weekly Newsletter 4th July 2019

Hello, Uber Eats is barging into the dine-in business. A new option in some cities lets you order your food ahead of time, go to the restaurant, then sit down inside to eat, a tipster from competing dine-in app Allset tells us. The new service is called Dine-In even waives the standard Uber delivery and […]

Weekly Newsletter 06th June 2019

Hello, Ever heard about Majelan? is a French startup that wants to make podcasts more accessible. Mathieu Gallet, one of the CEOs said that Majelan isn’t the Netflix of podcasts. “It’s an experience that is 99.99% free. We are a content aggregator, an RSS feed aggregator,” he said. Read more about this news in this […]


Weekly Newsletter 17th May 2019

Hello, Have you heard about the spyware attack that worried many Facebook’s Whatsapp users? According to Mike Campin, vice president of engineering at Wandera, this problem is deeply worrying and shows how even the most trusted mobile apps and platforms can be vulnerable. Read more about this alarming news in this article. Are you one […]

Weekly Newsletter 5th April 2019

Hello, See our latest find: “Apple on Monday announced a raft of new services, including original TV programming and news and magazine offerings, at an event held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California.” It comes from this article. What do you think about these new services? BTW – We have NEW Jobseekers ticket […]