A Glympse of the future in Seattle’s South Lake Union

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Original post by Sasha Pasulka via Geek Wire My first clue that something had changed forever was the police. In bright yellow vests, they descended on the area, guiding rush hour traffic out of parking garages and into the streets, down Harrison and onto Fairview. At... Read more »

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Integrating Social Media Into Your Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Plan

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Original post by Chris Thompson via socialmediatoday Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is a process of planning, executing, and monitoring the brand messages that create customer relationships.  Like social networking, IMC is about managing day to day... Read more »

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Early start-up employment is a must!

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Original post by Themoogul You might be considering an MBA or you might already have one and now you want to start a company. You probably rationalized that an MBA would give you all the knowledge that you would need to start and run this company. In that case, you may have... Read more »

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Why Can’t Startups Find Designers?

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Original post by SACHA GREIF via TNW Maybe it was Apple’s emphasis on design, and its direct impact on the iPhone and iPad’s success. Maybe it was the success of design-heavy startups like Airbnb and Hipmunk. Or maybe, as startups mature technologically, people are... Read more »

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Newly in Business, and Finding a Lifeline

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Original post by JAMES BARRON via NYTimes Erica Molina was standing where she usually stands at lunchtime, in the middle of her 116 square feet — an irregularly shaped booth in theEssex Street Market on the Lower East Side. She was talking about the $5,000 loan that... Read more »

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President Obama to sign JOBS Act this week

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Original post by Steven Loeb via vator The JOBS Act passed the House, was then amended and passed by the Senate, then passed once again by the House last Tuesday. The bill is now being sent to President Obama for final signature this Thursday. One of the most talked... Read more »

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It’s not about the money

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Original post by Tristan Louis via BI One of the strange thing that happens when you decide to move into the startup world is that every person out of that world assumes that you’re in it just for the money. There is  a general assumption that people go do startups... Read more »

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Startup Crowdfunding is Here

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Original post by Ernest Grumbles III via Startribune If you have a great idea - whether in the creative, charitable or entrepreneurial vein - where do you get the money to launch?  You can pull from your own pocket.  And most do - at least to get things going initially.... Read more »

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What I Read On Spring Break

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Original post by Brad Feld via BI Amy and I just spent a week off the grid in Hawaii with my partner Ryan, his wife Katherine, and their son. It was a much needed break – I was once again totally fried – from work, travel, and all the training for my upcoming 50 mile... Read more »

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Does A Military Background Help Or Hurt In StartUps?

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Original post by Eric Basu via Forbes Why wouldn’t you hire a veteran in a startup?  When I first left the military I interviewed with Andersen Consulting (later to become Accenture) and was asked the question, “We are a very entrepreneurial company.  What makes... Read more »

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