Meet all companies coming to New York Tech Job Fair 2018!

Only several days left to New York Tech Job Fair – an event that will connect hundreds of job seekers with awesome companies and startups looking for new team members. Just like many times before, today we come to you with a comprehensive list of these employers who will be willing to speak to all […]

CBS Interactive – work for the titan of media and entertainment

Nothing makes us prouder than being able to work with companies as experienced and renowned as CBS Interactive – the premier online content network for information and entertainment. Now, they’ll be coming over to our New York Tech Job Fair where they’ll be looking for new employees. Here’s more on who they are and why […]

Innovation Department: collaborate and build awesome things

Who wouldn’t want a satisfying career? To create things that really impact our lives and make the world an easier place to live in. If you share that dream, you’ve got something in common with Innovation Department, a technology and investment company that creates and develops e-commerce, media and SaaS companies. Now you can also […]

Working for Haufe Group – why should you even consider it?

Summer may be approaching, but don’t forget to plan ahead! If you’re looking to change your career this year, autumn may be the right time, and Barcelona – the right place. For the second time this year, we are happy to have Haufe Group joining us for Barcelona Tech Job Fair. Once more, they’ll be […]

Working at Between? Here is why it’s a good idea!

We’re always happy when companies return to us to meet with more job seekers during our events. Between is one of such companies – an innovative consulting & IT outsourcing agency we already got to know during our Barcelona Spring Tech Job Fair. Now, Between is with us again, looking for more talented people. Make […]