Deloitte Digital the global, full-service creative digital consultancy will continue to drive the future of digital

Deloitte Digital the global, full-service creative digital consultancy will continue to drive the future of digital

Strategy. Creative. Technology. One hundred percent digital. As a digital consulting agency, Deloitte Digital brings together creative and technology capabilities from one of the largest consulting companies worldwide.

Tell us a bit more about your company and your achievements?

We bring together all the creative and technology capabilities, business knowledge and industry insight required to help transform our clients’ businesses – from legacy to digital, from manual to automated, from “based on gut feeling” to insights-driven. With our end-to-end capabilities, clients can come to us with their business and IT challenges, knowing we’ve got what it takes to bring a new business vision to life with digital.

Where are your offices located?

Berlin and Munich

What makes your company such a great place to work?

We’re a digital consultancy which does not mean that we’re just a group of consultants in jeans.

At Deloitte Digital, where right brain meets left, we are creative, visionary people of many disciplines and from various industries who put future-forward thinking into projects that push the edges of digital technology.

Who said that work can’t be fun? Around here, that’s just what is.

Of course it also means iterating over ideas, fine-tuning approaches and constantly challenging our client’s and our own thinking but if that’s what it takes to deliver the best possible solution then so be it.

Besides technical skills what other attributes will make a candidate a good fit for joining your team?

You definitely should join our team if you:

• Hold a degree from one of the top universities in the world with exceptional academic records

• Have a proven record of building digitally driven products and/or businesses, ideally with a minimum of 2-3 years’ work experience

• Have managed people and projects under stringent time constraints and pressure

• Have experience in developing proposals and/or other client agreement documentation

• Are an expert within the field of innovative and digitally disruptive products markets and trends

• Know how to interact with C-level decision makers

• Understand your customers by doing your research before showing up, remaining informed and savvy about digital trends and news

• Use analytical tools in order to produce insightful findings from user testing and customer feedback by creating detailed sprint and work/testing plans

• Know what it means and takes to be the architect of each step of pilot testing in preparation for market launch

• Are able to organize and facilitate co-creation sessions with clients from interdisciplinary backgrounds

• Are passionate about entrepreneurial activities and/or digital products

• Are fluent in written and verbal English; other languages are a plus

• Have excellent MS Office skills

Any other details you would like to share : 

Our aspiration is to remain the leader in consulting by providing outstanding and pioneering services to our clients. Be part of our international team – which brings business, creative, analytical and technological genius to the table every day – backed by Deloitte, the largest professional services firm in the world. Work closely with our international member firms and with our very own successful entrepreneurs who founded fast-growing companies. Disrupt the digital landscape by being at the forefront of digital technology and by driving change in ripe markets. Our flat hierarchical structure offers you the opportunity to report directly to our leadership and be a leader yourself by working with and managing interdisciplinary teams. Gain C-level exposure and influence C-level decision makers with your brilliant and disruptive ideas. Enjoy the freedom to be able to initiate and work on projects you find interesting and important. Make an impact that matters and see the results of your efforts straight away. Travel (inter)nationally on occasion and represent the Deloitte Digital Ventures name with pride.