Bynder – the Globally Successful Startup hiring in Amsterdam

Bynder is an innovative digital asset management solution that allows brand owners and marketers to create, find and use content with ease. The globally successful startup was founded in 2013 by CEO Chris Hall. Determined to create the solution their clients needed to effectively organise their marketing materials, Chris, Roland and Stefan – the three […]

Mind the gap – London, Europe’s biggest start-up scene

Original post by Omar Mohout via Whiteboard With over 2,000 start-ups, 30 accelerators and 48,000 people employed in the digital economy, Silicon Roundabout in East London is the beating heart of the UK start-up scene, and Europe’s number one start-up hotspot, at least for the time being. This is, in part, thanks to David Cameron’s government. Silicon Roundabout […]

Who are the hottest startups in Amsterdam right now ?

Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful European capitals, but at the same time it’s also one of the most thriving economical center in the old continent as well. More and more startups are appearing each day in Amsterdam, however only some of them have managed to stand out thanks to their diversity and unique […]

Why Amsterdam is the right place to run a Startup

Starting a business somewhere involves lots of activities and tasks to do. It includes choosing the best place which you think your start up business will grow and progress faster. The place or the location that you plan to start your business should give you opportunities to provide the needs of your future customers.  Good […]

The Positives and Negatives of having a Business Partner

Are two heads really better than one? In some ways, the answer is undoubtedly yes, but taking on someone to help you run your business has its downsides as well. Here we look at the advantages and disadvantages of having a business partner. Advantages Finance No business can survive without funds. Securing access to start-up […]