Who are the hottest startups in Amsterdam right now ?

Who are the hottest startups in Amsterdam right now ?

Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful European capitals, but at the same time it’s also one of the most thriving economical center in the old continent as well. More and more startups are appearing each day in Amsterdam, however only some of them have managed to stand out thanks to their diversity and unique appeal that they provide on the market.

Framer http://framerjs.com/


Framer is a one of a kind design tool that successfully manages to combine digital creativity and coding into an astounding product that brings a whole new perspective into the graphical world.

Alive Shoes https://www.aliveshoes.com/


Alive Shoes is a platform that allows you to design and then sell your shoes online, in just a matter of minutes. All shoes can be customize in any way you want as per your convenience and once you are satisfied with the result you can modify your own online shop.


Jobado https://www.jobado.nl/


Jobado can be seen as a freelancing platform where people can pay to get any type of task fixed, from fixing a computer to writing or performing any other tasks. Payments are made fast and the platform on its own has small taxes.

The Cloakroom http://www.thecloakroom.nl/

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One of the main issues that men have is to find the best clothes online. This startup not only allows men to purchase clothing items online, but at the same time it also allows them to easily and quickly consult a stylist if they want such a thing.

Blendle http://www.blendle.nl/


Blendle is a startup that’s focused on offering newspaper and magazine subscriptions for which you will need to pay a fixed amount. The main idea behind the startup is very original and if you want you can pay per article.

Wercker http://www.wercker.com/


This startup has been created in order to aid developers deploy the necessary code as well as test it properly on social platforms.

Zazzy http://zazzy.me/


Zazzy allows you to design 3D printed Jewelry which the startup will then 3D print and send it to you. It’s a new, exciting concept that has become increasingly popular in the past few years.

IDeeDock https://www.ideedock.com/


IDeeDock is a platform that was designed with the sole idea of bringing you rapid knowledge sharing within any company. Thanks to the platform all employees from any company will be able to access all the data they want and search for a lot faster.

In conclusion, these are the most important startups that you can find right now in Amsterdam. They have all managed to thrive and evolve within the past few years, and the results are definitely spectacular to say the least. One thing is for certain, these are only the beginning and definitely more new, exciting startups are set to appear in the future for sure!

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