Cloudwise is making online learning and working more fun, faster and easier

A sneak peek into the life of a Cloudwise developer  You read it correctly… A day in the life of a Cloudwise developer is slightly different from a day in the life of a ‘normal’ developer. But what makes it so different?  Let’s start with a cup of coffee (or tea) in the cosy Cloudwise […]

The Complete List of 2021 Recruiting Events with TechMeetups

Job seekers and employers with vacancies are being invited to meet face-to-face at ‘speed dating’ recruitment events in 2021, organised by TechMeetups. To date, 25 employers had confirmed their attendance at these recruitment events, and we expect more to come, as discussing work options and exploring opportunities is so much easier when you are face-to-face. Tech […]


The scene in Amsterdam might not have the financial power of London, or the same value-for-money workforce as Berlin, but its laidback business laws have attracted a decent amount of startups. The laissez-faire attitude to founding a business is what makes it easy for entrepreneurs to create. You just hand in your documents and get […]

Awesome Developers and Great Companies Meet at Get Hired Amsterdam 2019

Awesome Developers and Great Companies Meet at Get Hired Amsterdam 2019

Get Hired Amsterdam 2019, the Invite Only Developer Speed Dating event, will be coming to Amsterdam this Thursday at Codaisseur Academy. This is the chance for great companies to meet and hire top developers in the city.   If you haven’t grabbed a spot to this event yet, grab it here now. More details about […]