Why Amsterdam is the right place to run a Startup

Starting a business somewhere involves lots of activities and tasks to do. It includes choosing the best place which you think your start up business will grow and progress faster. The place or the location that you plan to start your business should give you opportunities to provide the needs of your future customers.  Good […]

Startup city guide: Amsterdam

Original post by Anders Hasselstrøm @AndHasselstrom via @Startuptravels City Guide Amsterdam Here you find Startuptravels City Guide for Amsterdam, Netherlands. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and a center of innovation. Of the 10 innovation hubs in the Netherlands, Amsterdam focuses on the creative, mobile, Internet, high-tech systems and the sharing economy industry. At this moment the municipality of […]

5 Best Ways For A Startup To Hire

Startups cannot take the traditional route to hire. There are some challenges unique to startups and they would always need a contemporary approach to recruit. Not only should a startup have a recruiting strategy but it should also have the right kind of propositions to offer so the best talents can be hired. Attending job […]

Amsterdam: one of the most vibrant startup hubs

Original post by The sudden emergence of Amsterdam onto the tech startup scene caught many people off guard. With a population just under 1 million people, the (relatively) small city never indicated that it was quietly garnering the tools to launch an attack on the startup market. Suddenly, however, the city erupted onto the global […]

#Startups want to live and work in #Amsterdam?

Original post by @Iamsterdam As of 2015, a new regulation makes it possible for ambitious entrepreneurs to apply for a temporary residence permit for the Netherlands. The so-called residence permit ‘scheme for start-ups’ affords ambitious entrepreneurs one year to launch an innovative business. A prerequisite is that this start-up must be guided by an experienced […]