5 Best Ways For A Startup To Hire

5 Best Ways For A Startup To Hire

Startups cannot take the traditional route to hire.

There are some challenges unique to startups and they would always need a contemporary approach to recruit. Not only should a startup have a recruiting strategy but it should also have the right kind of propositions to offer so the best talents can be hired. Attending job fairs and reaching out to potential talent pools would always help a startup. Going through conventional consulting firms or recruitment agencies may not yield the desired results.


Here are 5 best ways for a startup to hire.

  • A startup should always consider freelancers or contractual employees. These days, many people like to work for multiple companies as a freelancer. It gives them freedom and they get to earn more. Such people are usually specialized in their areas of expertise and that would always help a startup. There are avenues using which a startup can hire remote workers. Telecommuting isn’t a problem anymore and opting for specialists based in other countries can also help a startup get the advantage of currency exchange rates. It doesn’t matter if someone is based in Turkey or Israel, what matters is the specialization or skills and how much work a professional can deliver. Not only would the specialist get to earn more but the startup would get to pay less. This is a huge advantage for both parties.



  • Startups should look at hiring talents and not just employees. Startups cannot fare well if they opt for employees in the traditional sense. A startup needs highly motivated and skilled professionals. Those who would do only what is expected from them or would only work by the book would not be of additional value to a startup.
  • One of the best ways for a startup to hire is to present a lucrative opportunity. Paying well is obviously important but showing the larger picture and giving additional income opportunities through stock options or some kind of rewards, financial or in kind, would always lure the best talents.
  • Hiring interns is something that any startup should seriously consider. There are thousands of promising aspirants who would need to get some hands-on experience. Hiring such aspirants will be useful for startups as they are energetic, motivated and they would work for less. They would also be less choosy, which is something experienced professionals would always be.
  • Finally, a startup should always look for specialists. There isn’t any point to hire someone who is a jack of all trades. A startup needs a master in one specific skill.
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