Revinate is designed to meet the unique needs of the hospitality industry join them in Amsterdam

Revinate is a rapidly growing SaaS start-up in Silicon Valley changing the hospitality industry. Revinate designs and develops technology to improve the guest experience at hotels worldwide. Our culture is focused on generating bold ideas and having the bravery to pursue them.   Can you introduce yourself please? Revinate - Powerful Technology, Passionate People, Global [...]

10 Ways a Collaboration Platform Could Be Enhancing Your Business.

A good collaboration platform  is vital to the achievement of full team productivity. These days, however, there are so many out there, from free Apps, to the more sophisticated enterprise level BPM (Business Process management) tools, it can be hard to know which is the right one for your business. To help narrow down the […]


What did you do this Summer? I know what we did … built 10 awesome Graphical.IO features to help your team collaborate better

10 awesome Graphical.IO features to help your team collaborate better:   Closer integration between conversations and tasks We want teams to talk about work and quickly access the work they are talking about. Teams will now love the task button inside a chat window that allows the to view all tasks for what they are […]


Inaugural Tech Startup Job Fair in Paris

We were very apprehensive about our inaugural  Tech Startup Job Fair in Paris. Many things worried us – on one side were the ongoing floods which reached record levels, on the other side were the striking workers against the governments new labour reforms. There was the threat of football violence and lastly the terrorist attacks […]

Copy of Startups Collage

7 Juin : Tech Startup Jobs Fair Paris, salon du recrutement pour startups

Écrit par  Meriem Boudokhane TechStartupJobs organise un salon de l’emploi pour les startups et la Tech le 7 Juin à l’Ecole 42, avec le soutien de Techmeetups’s représentant 21 communautés mondiales de la technologie avec plus de 60 000 membres actifs. Un super évènement qui rassemblera plusieurs startups dont SoLocal, Fabernovel, Flixbus, Talentview et plein d’autres […]


Interview with Benjamin Fonze, CEO of Barcelona based high growth AdTech Startup Exoclick

Hi can you introduce yourself please? My name is Benajmin Fonzé and I am CEO and founder of ExoClick. So tell us a bit more about ExoClick and your achievements? ExoClick is an innovative ad network. We are ranked the 4th largest ad network in the world by W3Techs and we are Spain’s biggest ad […]


Top 9 things Startups do well – 1 Collaboration

By 1. Collaboration Collaboration is very important especially at the startup stage. Startups need to be collaborating within the team, outside partners and prospective customers. For TechMeetups this was more so as our team members are spread out literally across the globe. We are headquartered in London but our Operations & Event Sponsorships are […]

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