Hiring the perfect fit Today’s world is changing by the second and every decision one makes can have a profound effect not only in his life but the lives of others as well, especially in business. If you are an entrepreneur or starting a new business, it is important that you get the best and the most talented […]

Top 9 things Startups do well – 1 Collaboration

By 1. Collaboration Collaboration is very important especially at the startup stage. Startups need to be collaborating within the team, outside partners and prospective customers. For TechMeetups this was more so as our team members are spread out literally across the globe. We are headquartered in London but our Operations & Event Sponsorships are [...]

How to get a Job at a Startup

If you’re looking to land a top job with a ground-breaking Startup firm, you’ll probably need to make some big changes to your job hunt strategy. With their casual dress codes and quirky marketing tactics, you can understand why the traditional approach to job hunting might not cut it when you’re looking to get your […]

Top 9 things Startups do well to innovate & deliver business value

By Its almost 4 months since my last blog which shows three things – 1. my reluctance to write 2. my need of a writer / blogger / PR 3. I was genuinely busy coding & finishing off our Product. I thought this blog title should be – ‘We wanted to build a MVP […]