Hiring the perfect fit

Hiring the perfect fit


Today’s world is changing by the second and every decision one makes can have a profound effect not only in his life but the lives of others as well, especially in business. If you are an entrepreneur or starting a new business, it is important that you get the best and the most talented people that fit the job you want done and this entails a keen eye to see the perfect person and his abilities that will contribute to your company’s growth.

To further help you with this daunting “hiring the perfect fit” dilemma, here are four of the best practices to find your diamond on the rough employee.

1.Know The Job You Want Done

First and foremost, if you want to hire the right person for the job you need done, you have to know yourself what is the goal you want to accomplish. You should be specific and must already establish the functions of the job for you to be able to look for the perfect person for the job.


2. Know Your Candidate

The old standard “Curriculum Vitae” still serves its purpose but nowadays, job-seekers are getting creative with how they pitch themselves by using “video resumes” for would-be employers to get to know them better. This is also very beneficial to you, as the business owner, because you get a much better view of the employee. But also beware, as videos can be easily setup with a script and may only show some of the potential’s potentials. It’s always a good practice to conduct a face to face interview with your applicant.


3. Know Your Candidate’s Background

With your candidate’s qualification in your hand (both written and on video), you can now have a one on one with your aspiring would-be employee. It goes without saying that a candidate that wants to be hired will be at the interview on time and you should be take note of this. If your potential comes in late, then ditch him right there and then as he will not be an asset to your company. Ask questions regarding the job to see if he did his homework on your company. A good would-be employee will research about your company to make himself ready for the questions you might ask him. Check his references personally if you can and verify that they are real.

4. Know Your Candidate’s Skills and Limitations

If you want the job done right the first time, you have to hire a person that knows exactly what’s expected of him to do. This means he must have the skills and if possible, the previous experience, to do the job. Aside from knowing what he can do, you also must know what he can’t do. This way, you will surely hire the ideal employee for the job.

As the one responsible for hiring talents for your company, it’s your job to see to it that you find the right person for the position in your organization because one imprecise hire will greatly impact on your company’s growth or at worst, its failure.



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