Busuu – small company, big impact

Original post by Jason Hesse , TechCityNews What it’s like to work at Busuu While busuu is the world’s largest social network for language learning, with 35 million registered users across the globe, it is run entirely by a staff of 30. Small company, big impact. Busuu only relocated its office to London in late 2012, moving from […]

10-Month-Old Startup Buys 93-Year-Old Business for $100 Million

Original post by Seth Fiegerman via Mashable Before Jeffrey Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield even launched Harry’s, an online service for men’s grooming products, they had their eyes set on a first acquisition. The pair wanted to buy an old German razor factory for $100 million. That isn’t how most new startups operate, but then again this wasn’t Raider’s […]

4 Ways Six Sigma Can Increase Overall Productivity

Motorola developed Six Sigma, a strategy that allows manufacturers to create products that are 99.9999998 percent defect free, in 1981. However, it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that the strategy was popularized and mainstreamed by General. There is no exact protocol behind the concept, but Six Sigma instead is a collection of tools, resources, and strategies […]

10 Email Marketing Lessons from Successful Small Businesses

Original post by Ryan Pinkham via constantcontact Here at Constant Contact, we never miss a chance to celebrate the success of our customers. Their success is not only an inspiration to us, but it’s also an opportunity to teach and inspire other business owners who are looking for new ways to do more business. As we move into the […]

Why Your Business Should Get in on the Gamification Trend

Original post by Jason Ankeny via Entrepreneur The Cut & Color Room doesn’t split hairs: The snootiness and arrogance so prevalent across rival salons have no place here. “Our specialty is a no-attitude environment,” says Jeff Morris, co-owner of the Orlando, Fla.-based business. “Other salons can make customers feel self-conscious. But everyone on our staff is so […]