10 Office Gadgets Every High-Tech Business Startup Needs

10 Office Gadgets Every High-Tech Business Startup Needs

Is it a cool place to work? Before benefits, before travel time, before even salary, one of the first questions any hiring manager will hear from a young, talented tech startup recruit is if the job they’re offering is at a cool workplace. Aside from employee consideration, flexible scheduling, good money and a familial atmosphere, one the the best ways to make an office more enticing to top talent is to surround it with the newest, coolest gadgets.

Check out these must-haves for your business startup.

If you’re a modern tech startup, you’re going to need the newest, coolest gadgets.

AAXA P300 Pico/Micro Projector

With 1280×800 resolution, 300 lumens, an LI-ion battery, media player and HDMI, the pocket-sized AAXA P300 Pico/Micro Projector is a dream come true for any business startup that projects presentations – especially tech startups. With 15,000 LEDs, the AAXA projector can reveal images in bright, bold color. It works with a wide range of devices, including mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

The Mobile Desk

Smart tech startups do everything they can to lure and keep the best, brightest, smartest young talent. Once you get them, you wouldn’t dare ask them to get up when they have to move around, would you? The Mobile Desk is designed with the modern business startup in mind. Redefining the phrase “mobile device”, this new-age must-have is a 21st-century spin on the old-fashioned wheeling desk chair.

Mybobino Phone Holder

Anyone who has ever worked at a tech startup knows to watch where they step to avoid the obstacle course of phones (and tablets and hybrids and readers) that are plugged into chargers with dangling, twisted cords. The Mybobino Phone Holder not only protects those navigating the charger landmine field that is the office at so many tech startups, but also provides a safe, slip-free surface for the owner of the phone to rest his or her most treasured device.

Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard

The Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard is the future – right here in your present-day tech startup office. With a Bluetooth-enabled virtual keyboard, it will be impossible to think that anything but magic is responsible for the beam of light that records your keystrokes and doubles as a mouse.

The top tech talent won’t settle for anything less than the best and baddest tech.

It is a technologically extraordinary time to be alive and working. Some gadgets make us more efficient, others boost organization, others still makes us faster – and some are just fun. For business startups trying to recruit tech-saavy talent, an office filled with the latest, greatest gadgets certainly won’t drive anyone away.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance tech writer. He writes about technology and small business hardware.

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