Top 6 Apps for Event Management

1) BASECAMP for Task Management Basecamp is a really effective and easy to use project/ task management tool without the complexities which have plagued other project management apps.  Its basic user interface is designed to look like a piece of paper, with a simple menu.  This makes you feel like you’re just jotting down notes. […]

Dublin Tech Scene

Dublin is both Ireland’s capital and its largest city. With a population of around 1.1 million, Dublin City and the surrounding greater Dublin area accounts for just under a sixth of Ireland’s total population, which is about 6.4 million. Dublin is announcing itself this month as one of Europe’s major tech hubs with the Dublin […]

How to Jump From Startup to Startup Without Hurting Your Career

Original post by LINDSAY BRODER  via entrepreneur Do you jump from startup to startup? Going from one job to another in rapid succession is traditionally frowned upon, mostly because it damns you for being disloyal with no buy-in. Also, companies do bear a cost for on-boarding new employees, so they expect you to spend a little time […]