Start-up marketing

Chris Linn from Minicabster argues that a decent marketing plan should form the crux of any start-up strategy. So you’ve designed an ace product that is going to set the world on fire. Congratulations. But how, exactly, have you planned to tell people about it? Flyers on car windscreens? House calls? Shouting from the rooftop? […]

Startups ready to disrupt Europe? Here’s 50k to get started

Last week I hopped on the Eurostar over to Brussels and have the rainy albeit slightly blurry picture (probably due to my shivering hands) of Grote Market to prove it 🙂 My trip was to meet EU officials and discuss how startups from our tech community could benefit for some of the EU funding now […]

Writing a Specific – But Not Overwhelming – Job Description

In the race to attract top talent for your tech start up, the very first order of business is to write a great job description. Just as a resume introduces you to the candidate, the job description is the first glimpse a potential employee has into your start up business, your company culture, your attitude […]