Selling Your Company to Tech Talent at Your Next Job Fair

Original post by Elizabeth Magill While a great deal of the job market remains sluggish – with far more applicants than qualified openings – the tech market has a different tale to tell. The search for top tech talent can feel like an angler trying to reel in an elusive Blue Marlin. You know how it […]

A Startup Guide For Making Your First Executive Hire

Original post by Kyle Wong via Forbes Starting a company is easy, building one is hard. As a startup founder your job is to recruit a world-class team. The first step is to naturally surround yourself with a passionate founder team with complementary skill sets whom you trust and work well with. The next hires are smart individual […]

Europe’s hottest startup capitals: Stockholm

Original post by TOM CHESHIRE via Wired This article was taken from the November 2013 issue of Wired magazine. For the third year, WIRED’s editors have visited the continent’s startup hubs to identify the ten tech cities you need to know about. Our conclusion: Europe is on a roll. Here are the 100 companies causing the greatest buzz, […]

Common mistakes MBAs make when trying to get hired at a startup

Original post by Thomas Eisenmann via QUARTZ Searching for a job with a startup can be frustrating and confusing for MBAs, especially when compared with the “tried-and-true” process of recruiting with big companies who visit campus. In turn, MBAs who seek employment with startups aggravate entrepreneurs by making an alarming array of mistakes. The good news: it […]

The Future of Banking: How the Financial World Will Change

By Bill Magana Financial fraud costs U.S. merchants about $190 billion every year, while consumers lost another $4.8 billion annually, according to Forbes. Whether you’re a small business or a private consumer — or both — the risk of bank-related fraud is enormous. Unfortunately, the channels for this type of theft are multifaceted and ever-evolving. But […]