Tips on Hiring Quality Employees for a Startup

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Original post by Local Pages Everyone knows when starting a business, one of the most crucial parts of the startup process is finding the correctemployees to help run your business smoothly. It’s no secret that every small business owner starts off at a disadvantage... Read more »

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Golden ladies of NYC:Female entrepreneurs find funding, community in New York

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Original post by RICH SCHAPIRO via NYDailynews When Ellie Cachette started pitching her tech start-up to West Coast investors two years ago, she expected to raise big bucks. Instead, all she got from the roughly 25 all-male investors she met with were dismissive looks... Read more »


Media And Tech Startups Drive Manhattan Office Surge: Report

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Original post by Huffington Post (Reuters) - Manhattan, arguably the financial capital of the world, has media and technology companies to thank rather than banks for its improving office market, according to a report real estate services company CBRE Group Inc (CBG.N)... Read more »

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Join Tripit Co-Founder at Small Biz Big Things

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Original post by Anita Campbell via smallbiztrends I’m excited to announce that the Small Biz Big Things event, produced by Ramon Ray’s highly respected SmallBizTechnology,  is happening in San Francisco on February 7, 2012.  I would like to invite you to... Read more »

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Tips On Finding An Accelerator To Ignite Your Startup

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Original post by LYDIA DISHMAN via FC Accelerators offer hands-on help from experienced mentors, sources for seed capital, and sometimes even co-working locations, and give entrepreneurs what they need to take a startup from concept to market more quickly and effectively... Read more »

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DreamIt Ventures Launches First Israel-U.S. Accelerator

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Original post by SARAHPEREZ via techcrunch Startup incubator DreamIt Ventures is announcing the first Israel-U.S. accelerator, which will help up to five Israeli startups expand into the U.S. market through DreamIt’s NYC 2012 program. The new program, calledDreamIt... Read more »

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Juggling A Full-Time Job And A Startup (Hint – It’s Not Easy)

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Original post by Brittany Haas via Women2.0 I am miserable since I’m missing out on the #wefestival going on right now. I was accepted…and elated! What a wonderful opportunity to learn from my idols and meet with other aspiring entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, I’m... Read more »

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Local startup accelerator program ignites second year launch

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Original post by Adriana Lopez  via For those who think that our entrepreneurial community lags behind bigger markets like Silicon Valley or New York City, think again. The movement is spreading like wild fire in the New Orleans metropolitan area. Some might... Read more »

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How should a startup founder value her time?

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Original post by A Smart Bear Almost no startup founder values her time properly. Consultants know exactly what their time is worth: their hourly rate. As they say, it’s how much “the market will bear.” When a consultant intentionally doesn’t work for an hour —... Read more »

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Six Marketing Mistakes at CES 2012

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Original post by Alex Goldfayn via HBR I've spent the week in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where billion-dollar companies unveil multi-million-dollar products looking for mainstream popularity, and where startups unveil ideas, looking for angles and... Read more »

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