Talent.io: “Together, we are better!”

Talent.io: “Together, we are better!”

Remember Talent.io? Yes, the same awesome guys that joined us for our past events are coming to Berlin Tech Job Fair tonight! Have a look at their story below and, if you think you’d fit in their team, see them in person!

Talent.io originates from France, where it was founded in 2015, but over just three years, they managed to expand to several cities, London and Berlin included. At this moment, the company employs 70 people average age of which is 27 years. That makes a pretty young team full of energy – a perfect environment for professional and personal growth!

And their Berlin team is just the same. Their office is located in the lively area of Kreuzberg and it has all the amenities you’d like it to have. A great place to work hard, grow and bond with your co-workers, Talent.io office offers everything necessary for happy working hours.

The company’s Berlin team is now looking for like-minded individuals to join them. With this goal, they’re coming to Berlin Tech Job Fair and they’ll be looking for talented people interested in tech-related career. If you’re up for it, book your free jobseeker ticket now and make an appearance!

If you want to learn more about Talent.io, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!