ELSA SPEAK – Language of your career

ELSA SPEAK – Language of your career

Many people agree that doing business for the business itself isn’t going to work. What drives success, is a real passion and story behind a product or a service. Elsa app is a good example of it. And now, its team is looking for more people, so if you’re interested in creating their language app together, meet them at Lisbon Tech Job Fair on the 12th of April!


It all started when the founders of the company realized there’s need for an English app that teaches pronunciation, not only vocabulary. And so English Language Speech Assistant (Elsa) was created. The app uses an advanced AI technology to process the user’s pronunciation and point out their weak spots that need improvement.

Currently, the ELSA speak team are looking to expand their numbers in Lisbon. Looking for people equally passionate about the language learning, they offer great growth opportunities to their members. Work with the most advanced learning tech, discover the power of AI and help people speak English better. Working at Elsa is an excellent chance to develop on all accounts while living in the beautiful Lisbon!

els2You can meet up with Elsa during TechMeetups Tech Job Fair in Lisbon or check out their current job openings at Tech Startup Jobs. Remember: as a job seeker you enter the fair for free, so book your tickets now!

To learn more about Elsa, visit their website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!