What is Peatix, exactly?

What is Peatix, exactly?

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What is Peatix? Why is Peatix? How were you all brave enough to start your own ticketing company? Are you single? These are all questions every person on the Peatix team gets asked pretty much all the time.


Thus today we are going to endeavor to explain exactly what Peatix is and what it is not; it’s origins and it’s vision; and if you’ll be able to ask us out on a date. We begin!:

Peatix is…A website AND an app where people sell tickets with dignity

This first point is less obvious than your rolling eyes might suggest. While some companies are an app, and others still just a website, Peatix doesn’t skimp on either, providing users with a Good Design Award winning website when their thumbs are tired, and an app when the rest of the fingers need a rest.

Peatix is also a place to ticket any and all events with dignity. Up until we created Peatix, online ticketing was a sordid process at best, something like shopping at Walmart the day after Thanksgiving with water in your shoes and a zebra that just won’t stop piggybacking you. Speaking of which…

Peatix is not…a giraffe with a physically excitable zebra friend

Not even close really. Giraffe with excitable zebra friend would be like our 12th cousin.



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