Top Tech Tips: 10 Things The Best Programmers Do

Top Tech Tips: 10 Things The Best Programmers Do

Original post by siliconallee

This is a guest post by Ola Pszczoła of netguru.

You are an experienced developer, but you want to be great. You’ve worked with a couple of companies and noted that each has its own way and working style. Some companies put value in TDD, while others care about clean code. Then there are those who only look for result (you know, clients), without caring what’s underneath. So what’s the best approach to take when there are so many different opinions about being a ‘great’ programmer?

The answer is ABL – always be learning. Take a look at this list of ten practices compiled by programmers at the top of their game.

Code Review

How often do you allow other developers to take a look at your code? And how do they do it? From someone else’s perspective, your code can look more or less foreign. Maybe you didn’t notice something? Maybe it could be written shorter or more efficiently? The key here is that programmers rate code and not people. Learn to request and apply advice from others, and share your constructive advice as much as possible.

Pair Programming

Yes, people are busy and have a lot of crazy stuff to do everyday, but pair programming is one of the fastest, funnest ways to get a job done. Team up frequently with colleagues from the office or friends from university and spend an hour together in the front of the computer. You can use ScreenHero or just simple Google Hangouts. If you’re looking for inspiration in pairs, check out the video from Ruby Kaigi 2013 or Pivotal Tracker’s website. Here’s how we use it at netguru.


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