Top 6 Apps for Event Management

Top 6 Apps for Event Management

1) BASECAMP for Task Management


Basecamp is a really effective and easy to use project/ task management tool without the complexities which have plagued other project management apps.  Its basic user interface is designed to look like a piece of paper, with a simple menu.  This makes you feel like you’re just jotting down notes.  Its whole set up has taken ease of use into serious consideration.  There are tutorials and lots of help.

Basecamp is great for projects that simple, or for event management beginners.  However, for more challenging projects it perhaps lacks the sophistication to deal with complex tasks.  Those who are highly experienced in project management software may find that it lacks some of the features that other tools have.

Bu, all in all, it is a great app for starting up and getting everything in the same place without fuss.

2) HIGHRISE for customer tracking


Highrise is designed to keep all your contacts in the same groups, eliminating the need to search through your phone while you are busy.  It can keep notes, emails, messages and documents all in one place and organised.

It is a basic system of contact management, which is great for small businesses, or for those who are on a restricted budget.  But it may be a bit too basic for those who want to run complex projects, or have a bigger customer base.  There are also issues with the file storage facilities.

3) HOOTSUITE– for event promotion and management


Hootsuite describes itself as a social media management dashboard.  This allows you to manage all your social media profiles from one source.  You can use it to manage campaign and engage with customers, from one secure web and mobile dashboard.

It will help you to better and more efficiently communicate and collaborate with your project team.  It has a built-in calendar which you can use to schedule posts to your social accounts, you can be efficient by scheduling all your social updates at one time or a few at a time.

The problem with Hootsuite is the cost, which can mount up quickly.  So, this app may not be the best on to choose for small start-up businesses.

4) ADSTAGE– for event advertising


The Adstage app allows you to build, deploy and manage online ad campaigns through many networks from one place.  It allows you to target people who are likely to be customers.  This aims to build your customer base which will make your business grow.

5) EVENTBRITE for event ticket selling


Eventbrite is for co-ordinating all the factors that go into event planning and management.  Through emails and social media sites you are able to advertise events.  It allows you to buy tickets as it has differing payment options.  If you have a smartphone, then tickets can be scanned and checked.

6) CONSTANT CONTACT– for event handling


For small businesses email is critical.  You need email for building a customer base and maintaining customer relations.  Constant contact will create advertisements and send them direct to people’s inbox.  You build an advent for the business and constant contact will send it direct to everybody on your list’s inbox. Customers can be reached through email and social networking.

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    Love this blog! It lists the top six event management apps of today. This is a must-read for event managers and organizers because it lists clearly the features of each app and how it will be useful for specific events. Even those who are not into event management will find it very interesting because it will help them analyze and understand how far technology has taken them and how easily and conveniently an event can be organized smoothly with the help of an app.

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