New York Silicon Alley Newsletter December 6, 2013

New York Silicon Alley Newsletter December 6, 2013

Happy Friday, folks!


Welcome to our new members this week:

Manoj Kumar : iVentus Inc head digital media

Wasim Ahmad : CMO of Andologies

Nelly Yusupova : Founder of

Aileen Sohn : A graphic design student

Konstantin : A researcher at NYU

Tonia S : Management Consultant at Bain

Johnathan Carrillo : Technical Marketing at Startup Institute

Ekaterina V : An entreprenuer with

Himanshu Grover : A big data analyst in biomedical/healthcar­e

A quick reminder to take a look at two fun hubs: and We want to support your growth so please pitch your ideas and share your new projects in need of funding there.

As I mentioned last week, we have a NYSA Drinks and Demo night coming up this January 23rd. Beat the rush by signing up to demo now, before the event is officially announced. Fill out the presenter form here.

Have a great week and stay warm. It’s freezing!






23 Jan 2014 : TechMeetups Drinks & Demo Night! New York Jan 2014 #TMUdrinks [ RSVP HERE ]



Looking back at our first Startup Guru Program

This week marked the end of our very first Guru Program sponsored by Pearson. Over the last 3 months people from all walks of life have joined together in a journey of education in the wonderful world of tech startups.

Helping Startups & Developers make those deeper connections – TechMeetups #SpeedMeetup

In the past one year TechMeetups continuously improved and developed new ways in which to help the members of the community of startups and developers meet and create long lasting relationships.

My Personal Hackathon 2 by @ShawnTechMeetup

Having done quite a bit last week my initial plan was to wait till the next weekend or for a slower day or free evening to continue and finish my Rails tutorial.

Edinburgh Tech Scene

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, has a population of just under half a million. It is Scotland’s second biggest city and the seventh biggest in Great Britain as a whole. The city’s economy is one of the strongest in the UK, second only to London.




3 tried and tested ways to hire great work-from-home employees for your startup – ventureburn

Startup Story: Why I Started Tumblr by David Karp (@DavidKrap) CEO and President of Tumblr (@tumblr) –  TechCrunch

How A Bad Hire Can Cripple Your Startup – business2community

Social Media Recruiting: New Trend in Job Search – AEG India

Great talk on how Drew Houston (@drewhouston) founder of @Dropbox met his Co-founder Arash Ferdowsi (@Arashf) – Entrepreneurship


Ideas to be brought to life

If you have an idea please submit at TechIdeaHub


Fans Choir
Mobile football app that aims to make football more of a democracy then a dictatorship by finally letting a football fan’s voice be heard and amplified on their football club’s team selection, performance and tactics.


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