Helping Startups & Developers make those deeper connections – TechMeetups #SpeedMeetup

Helping Startups & Developers make those deeper connections – TechMeetups #SpeedMeetup

In the past one year TechMeetups continuously improved and developed new ways in which to help the members of the community of startups and developers meet and create long lasting relationships. The Startup/Developer #SpeedMeetup, which took place this week, was the latest idea from those improvements.

Essentially, the event format was based on the speed dating phenomenon of how in just a few minutes time you will be able to find your ideal life-long partner. However, in this case instead of looking for a romantic partnership you will be looking for professional one.


The event took in place at KweekWeek, our new venue partner. It gathered people with ideas from sushi delivering to boats renting services, aanddevelopers from companies covering the surface of the earth. Each pair was given 5 mins in which to discuss briefly their products and services, exchange contacts, and decide on further communication. This structure might seem quick and brief to some, to create an accurate picture of the person in front of them, but at the same time the format is what gives the opportunity for everybody to meet everybody, making sure that this special one you were looking for has not been missed into to crowd.


2l34UN7sRgThe short meetings, and constant talking lifts your adrenaline level and leaves you breathless at the end, but you are holding 10 business cards in hand from which two, most likely, hold your future. The odds of finding a long lasting partner are far greater when attending an event of such format, rather than one where you sit in the corner of a crowded room, scared from the endless possibility of  people to approach.


The positive feedback from the participants left us hopeful that with a few improvements, the next event of this kind will be an even bigger success.

I would like to thank all the participants for coming, and giving their very best to be remembered. Hosting this new and exhilarating event was a pleasure and honor. I look forward to doing it again.

pqHjmkPjXPBy Mila Yankulova

Events Co-Organiser



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