It’s now official, after London and Prague, hDock42 recently opened their office in Berlin!

It’s now official, after London and Prague, hDock42 recently opened their office in Berlin!

hDock42 is an open innovation and investment platform aimed at supporting European ideas with global potential, especially in very early stages of research and market validation, followed by strong focus on global commercialization.

Tell us a bit more about your Startup and your achievements?

The initial idea was born during summer of 2016 and in early September we’ve established the umbrella company hDock42 Ltd. and committed initial few hundred thousand dollars to make initial steps possible.

Since then we’ve started and joined three amazing projects and we have activated important parts of our global partnership network which is reaching to main tech hubs in US.

Projects examples are as diverse as:

– OpenToll : global platform to let your car solve all its payments; from smart-city congestion charges to parking, highway tolls, etc.

– OrbisAvia : courageous move to grow small plane aviation production within Europe

– or very unique research into new space satellite propulsion options

Even though we are still at the very beginning of our journey, building teams, validating ideas, raising money and cranking, we keep our big ideas in mind.

We want to re-connect Europe with it’s innovation history of global success and Make Europe Great Again!

We plan to do this with more intense focus on three things:

  • intense support of necessary transition of research projects into early stage businesses;
  • intense focus on finding global commercial product market fit, including setting the stage for global ambition of all entrepreneurs, starting with our youngest generations;
  • intense focus and support at women as founders and leaders.

Where are your offices located?

Our offices are located in London / Berlin / Prague – because we consider these three cities ideal starting triangle to be connected to the most vibrant European tech innovation communities

What makes your startup such a great place to work?

Why to join our company? I think there’s nothing more motivating than to believe in a vision. And our vision is to “Make Europe Great Again!“, so what’s there not to love? 🙂

On more pragmatic side, I believe we are great team to work with because we are at the forefront of innovation and technology product management, we have number of projects reaching different industries and communities, we cultivate our global networks and all this ensures you will be constantly challenged and you will constantly learn. Last but not least, you can have impact where it happens the most – at early idea stage – via our hD42Lab or you can join one of the projects and make it global success which we will show around for years to come.

And even if you’d decide not to work with us, you can still be our supporter, mentor or ambassador. We are in this together here in Europe!

Besides technical skills what other attributes will make a candidate a good fit for joining your team?

Besides technical skills, you definitely need an open mind, real passion for something creative or technical, passion for Europe, own opinion, ability to treat others with respect even during argument or disagreement and big big goals…

Any other details you would like to share : 

To finish with, I’d like to invite you to check out our ever-evolving Europe wide movement page and join us. We had such positive reactions whenever we talked about it so just last week we’ve decided to make it real and public. Stay tuned…and reach out in any way, on any medium you feel comfortable with.